Grayscale Investment Director Expects Bitcoin ETF

Grayscale investment fund director Michael Sonnenshein called the emergence of traded exchange-traded funds on the Bitcoin platform only a matter of time.

Is Bitcoin ETF worth waiting for?

“We think the launch of a Bitcoin ETF is just a matter of time. Regulators have done an excellent job, they are trying to stay at the forefront of the development of digital assets as a class ", – Michael answered Anthony Pompliano's question.

The Grayscale manager believes that even in the current legal environment, there is an opportunity to work with assets, but the regulator is simply in no hurry to authorize the creation of Bitcoin ETFs.

Regulators are waiting for the "maturing" of the market

However, the attitude of financial regulators to this issue does not stand still.

“I think the actions of the regulators show that they want to see the market more mature. Maybe they want to see a more global order book for Bitcoin, maybe they want to create joint oversight agreements, or maybe they are waiting for clearer regulation and oversight of the various platforms and markets where digital assets are traded. ", – stated Michael Sonnenshein.