Bergabung dengan CryptoUK Untuk Meningkatkan Industri Crypto

The crypto platform declared a collaboration with the UK trade union in the digital area CryptoUK for fruitful work within the industry with controls and politicians.

The governing body aims to share its best methods with the crypto firm to make the new sector of the market safer for investors., in turn, will help financial and political institutions accelerate the adoption of new regulations in the digital currency industry. Among the more than 60 CryptoUK members are, BCB Group, Ripple, CryptoCompare, eToro, Simmons Simmons, and others.

The head of a strategy at said that the adoption of tokenized assets around the world is rapidly gaining momentum, signaling to us the potential for cryptocurrencies to become “mainstream”. As demand grows, finance ministries need to keep pace with the emerging industry changing right before our eyes. To do this, they need to cooperate with regulators and share knowledge and experience. He is convinced that this is the only way to preserve the integrity of the British crypto sector and CryptoUK will help in this.

The CryptoUK chairman also stressed that the development of the digital asset sector is one of the most important issues in global finance today. They are ready to help and other representatives of the crypto industry in regulation to implement innovative ideas, expand investment opportunities for the British, as well as to create thousands of new jobs.

The team of specialists will focus on promoting the improvement of the regulatory structure for a new asset class in the United Kingdom. At the same time, such major market players as Binance are still under the gun of British regulators, and some banks in the UK have imposed a ban on payments related to the exchange.

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