Coinbase, Ripple dan Uniswap melawan SEC

The SEC has lashed out with criticism and legal threats against leading crypto companies such as Coinbase, Ripple and Uniswap. 

The SEC has criticized the operation and illegality of the Coinbase exchange, which went to great lengths to consult on how to make the proposed Lend product as safe for investors as possible and legal from the point of view of the regulator.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently tweeted that the SEC is threatening the company with legal action if it launches the highly profitable Lend product. 

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse responded with a meme with Bruce Willis saying, “ Welcome to the party ”, probably meaning that Ripple has been battling the American regulator for over a year now. 

Mark Cuban did not take long either, writing to Armstrong that he should go on the offensive and start attacking the SEC. 

Apparently Armstrong has already started an intelligent struggle with the help of his tweets. Blaming a “punishing” regulator for intimidation tactics behind closed doors and writing, “It's nice if you actually enforce guidelines evenly across the industry ”.

Further development of the confrontation will clearly go beyond tweets. Due to constant attacks from the regulatory body, the flagship companies of the crypto industry began to defend themselves, demanding a fair and logical set of rules that fully explain what is legal and what is against the law. 

The confrontation between Ripple and the SEC began over whether the sale of XRP tokens would be as unregistered securities. Therefore, the current belated reaction and claims of the American regulator caused bewilderment of the company: "Why did it take so long to wait to initiate a case now?" 

Another victim of the conflict is Uniswap, known as one of the most transparent companies in the DeFi sector. The SEC chose her as the target of its investigation, ignoring how lawyer Jake Chervinsky denied the pump and dump fraud. 

Apparently, Armstrong, Garlinghouse and Cuban have come to the conclusion that it is better to sort it out in court than to continue to fight the " windmill " , while waiting for the SEC to provide an acceptable legal basis.

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