Chris Larsen: US Authorities Urgently Need To Reconsider Their Attitude To Blockchain Technology

One of the founders of Ripple, Chris Larsen, advised the US government to pay attention to blockchain technology before it was too late. In his opinion, decentralization is a new trend in the financial system of the future.

Chris Larsen Warns

During an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Larsen said that the US could face a catastrophe if the government did not come to its senses and began to actively implement this technology in time. If this goes on, the United States simply will not be able to compete with China.


Technological cold war

Now China is clearly leading in the technological confrontation with the United States. The USA may lose control over the global financial system if it does not review the attitude to the blockchain.

Blockchain development in China

Recall, last fall, Chairman of China Xi Jinping personally announced the priority of introducing blockchain technology in many industries.