Bitcoin Rate Passed $17,000 But Only In Zimbabwe

Last Saturday, June 27, the Zimbabwean government suspended all mobile payment services. This was due to a sharp collapse of the national currency.

Lock everything

The EcoCash service appeared on the blocklist, which is actively used by Zimbabweans to acquire bitcoins.

Besides, the local stock exchange temporarily stopped its work. Authorities say these measures are to prevent the Zimbabwean dollar crisis.

Ecocash is acting as the centre pivot of the galloping black market foreign exchange rate therefore fuelling the incessant price hikes of goods and services that are bedevilling the economy & causing untold hardship yo the people of Zimbabwe,” the resolution said.

Comment by EcoCash

The creators of EcoCash reject rumors related to any misdemeanors and want to challenge this authority decision.

Local BTC Pump

Due to the current situation, the inhabitants of Zimbabwe were cut off from the global financial system and now cryptocurrencies are the only way of settlement for them. Once services were blocked, the Bitcoin rate inside the country began to grow at a very fast pace, it reached up to 17,260 US dollars.

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