Bitcoin-affiliated SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce elected for another 5 years

One of the representatives of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, who positively evaluates cryptocurrencies, will remain in the SEC for another 5 years, according to the official website of the American regulator. Hester Peirce Has a very good reputation among the cryptocurrency community and even received the nickname “crypto mom”.

The Senate voted to renew Commissioner Peirce on August 5, 2020. This means that Hester will remain in office until July 5, 2025.

An official with extensive experience

For the first time, Hester Pearce was nominated for a leading position in the SEC during the Barack Obama administration in 2016, but only the administration of President Donald Trump approved the candidacy in 2017.However, Hester accepted the new powers only in January 2018.

In addition to her position as SEC Commissioner, Hester Pearce was an advisor to Commissioner Paul Atkins and a staff attorney in the SEC's Investment Management Department. She also served on the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee.

Opposed bans

The official distinguished herself by a more accepting position in relation to cryptocurrencies, especially in comparison with other members of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Hester regularly opposed various bans and restrictions on cryptocurrency and tried to find compromises between the regulator and the audience.

This year, Commissioner Pearce's appeal regarding the closure of the Telegram Open Network project, with which she strongly disagreed, received great fame. The company “made good faith efforts to comply with the federal securities laws”, the official said.

The initiator of help to crypto startups

Note that it was Hester Peirce who initiated the Safe Harbor Law, according to which a new blockchain project should have some time to complete development, and only then bring the economic model of the token in line with the US SEC laws.