YouTube memadamkan saluran Anthony Pompliano, tetapi tidak lama kemudian memulihkannya

YouTube removed the channel of the famous bitcoin enthusiast Anthony Pompliano from the platform, but soon restored it, withdrawing the claims made.

Today, co-founder Morgan Creek Digital has over 253,000 subscribers to its channel. He is known to the community for his interviews on The Pomp Podcast, both with adherents of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and with their most ardent opponents.

The problematic video for YouTube turned out to be a nearly one-hour interview with one of the popular Twitter analysts PlanB, also known as @100trillionUSD. They tried to convict Pompliano and his interlocutor of encouraging illegal activity using video hosting, without supporting the statement with any arguments.

The main reason for this is that in the vast majority of cases, artificial intelligence is responsible for filtering content on YouTube. And very often, his "banhammer" turns out to be unfair to content makers.

Pompliano said that the YouTube ban seemed small, so after the first letter, he received another one in which the bitcoin enthusiast was notified of the deletion of the channel and the ban on the creation of new ones. In other words, they tried to “deplatform” as individuals.

However, two hours later, the channel was completely restored, and the claims, apparently, were canceled. The video is also not affected, all the content of the author is available for viewing again.

Pompliano clarified that he did not receive any “strikes” for his videos. Not to mention the fact that in order to delete a channel without the possibility of restoring it, you need to get three such “strikes” within three months. In addition, there was no talk of such blocking points as incitement to hatred, insults, and other gross violations.

Chances are, the podcast host was fortunate enough to quickly grab the attention of an audience by publicizing the incident on Twitter with over a million followers. If this happened to a less popular person, the result could be much more deplorable.

Previously, some authors faced similar blocking for videos about bitcoin and other digital currencies, but their waiting period ranged from a couple of days to several weeks. Some were even denied unlocking altogether, despite the absence of fraudulent or misleading videos.

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