Ricardo Spagni Mengupah Peguam Crypto Terkenal Untuk Membela Di Mahkamah

Ricсardo Spagni, previously accused of fraud by the South African authorities, has hired Brian Klein, one of the most prominent cryptocurrency lawyers.

Klein's main task will be to protect his client from potential extradition to South Africa. In addition, he will have to prove Spagni's innocence in the case of the theft of about $100,000 in 2009-2011, when the ex-head of Monero worked as an IT manager at Cape Cookies. The arrest warrant for Spagni was issued by South African officials immediately after the businessman ignored the Cape Town lawsuit.

Klein's portfolio is truly replete with the protection of controversial crypto personalities like Charlie Schrem or Eric Voorhees. At the moment, Spagni's defense has filed a petition for his release from custody on bail pending the start of the hearing on the case and possible extradition. Addressing the court, the lawyer noted that the US department distorted the law and facts in the case against Spagni, calling the accusation "fatally flawed." According to him, all this "prosecution"started, stopped and continued for more than 10 years.

The petition also intends to challenge a sentence of imprisonment for up to 20 years that threatens the businessman, citing as an example the legislation of South Africa, according to which the punishment for such offenses is imprisonment for up to 60 months.

At the same time, according to another lawyer and expert on extradition issues, Jacques Semmelmann, this aspect will in no way affect the likelihood of the defendant's extradition to South Africa. According to him, such frauds are somehow punishable in both countries by imprisonment for a year or more and in any case entail extradition.

The last argument in favor of the “impossibility” of Spagni's extradition, according to Klein, is health problems. For example, asthma, which makes him vulnerable to more serious diseases, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which also requires the immediate release of the client from custody before the start of the hearing on the case, which will take place this Thursday. As a result, on August 5, it will become known for sure whether a businessman should be afraid of justice not so much in the United States as in South Africa, or not.

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