Cirus Foundation mengumumkan kerjasama dengan bekas CEO Apple

Blockchain data ownership project Sirus Foundation has proclaimed a partnership with one of Apple ex-CEOs Gil Amelio as a senior advisor.

The organization hopes that the businessman's experience in the communications and technology industry will help develop their main goal, the formation of an ownership economy. His responsibilities will also include managing Cirus's sales department as chairman to help the company get to the market as quickly as possible. Special attention was paid to the fact that Amelio helped Apple cut costs in an extremely hard period for it in the late 90s while the corporation sought to create more and more daring solutions, but at the same time, it was rapidly losing money.

Amelio is known primarily for the fact that he always meticulously monitored the latest innovations in the technology market. Among them, of course, blockchain took a special place, a unique development that stimulated the development of one of the most expensive industries in the world. The businessman was previously an adviser to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, helping to develop the Malaysia Multimedia Super Corridor, and then director of communications corporation AT&T and chairman of the board of Ripcord Networks, which included other equally iconic ex-Apple employees. Among them is Ellen Hancock and co-founder of the world-famous corporation Steve Wozniak.

While tracking technology trends, he drew attention to Cirus, an organization that provides users with the possibility to monetize their data. Amelio said that data ownership is at the heart of the entire Internet and combining this idea with blockchain will create a mega-trend, which he intends to implement with the Cirus Foundation.

Representatives of the company, in turn, noted that the attention and recognition of blockchain from such industry veterans as Amelio suggests that today is the best time to integrate this technology into all spheres of human life.

The first component in Cirus's future property economy will be a plug-and-play router. It will give users full control over their data and the ability to manage their potential monetization in the equivalent of digital currency.

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