Zcash And Horizen Are No Longer Anonymous

Representatives of the company Elliptic, which specializes in tracking transactions in public distributed networks, have implemented support for such private coins like Zcash (ZEC) and Horizen (ZEN).

Fraud monitoring

Elliptic users will now be able to monitor transactions in these two blockchains in real-time. The company representatives say this is necessary to prevent the use of anonymous cryptocurrencies in illegal operations.

«Today, elliptic Launches Support for Privacy Coins $Zcash & $ZEN. GenesisTrading will be using Elliptic’s transaction and wallet monitoring solutions to detect and prevent illicit activity in Zcash and ZEN» – wrote in the statement. 


Untraceable Transactions

The founder of Elliptic emphasized that it is impossible to track some crypto transactions, for example, bitcoin mixers or transfers on the Monero network.

Optional privacy

It is important to understand that ZEC and ZEN have optional privacy. Also, their blockchains are based on the architecture of Bitcoin and this greatly simplifies the process of tracking transactions.