MetLife Investment Mentions CBDC dalam Laporan Strategi Makro

A new macro-strategy report issued by investment firm MIM pays a lot of attention to cryptocurrencies, in particular - digital assets of central banks (CBDC).

Employees of the company note in the report that national cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum, despite issues unresolved by central banks. Their role in the future of finance is undeniably great.

According to MIM, CBDC is a logical extension of money. These are technologies with clear prospects and a very definite future. They will not become a temporary hobby, but it is unlikely that they will appear in the West any time soon.

Most countries have key technical issues to address. But the results achieved with the help of CBDC will exceed expectations.

It is foolish not to trust the opinion of MetLife Investment employees. Last fall, the investment giant managed $651 billion.