Peruncit Switzerland Utama Memperkenalkan Kad Hadiah Bitcoin

Two large Swiss retailers Manor and Valor have decided to take advantage of the hype around cryptocurrencies by adding bitcoin gift cards to their stores across the country.

The crypto boom in Switzerland is firmly entrenched, and retailers are actively issuing bitcoin vouchers and gift cards.

Already today, in 59 Manor supermarkets, visitors can find bitcoin cards and use them. Valora representatives intend to introduce this option in the country only on April 1 this year. The denomination of the cards will vary from 100 to 500 francs or from $ 107 to $ 535.

Cryptonow, a Bitcoin card for supermarkets, was issued by Värdex Suisse, a subsidiary of a Swiss crypto exchange that provides financial services related to digital currencies.

According to representatives of Värdex Suisse, first of all, their idea is aimed at that group of people who are not satisfied with the usual ways of acquiring bitcoins. The company compared vouchers to digital gold coins.

Given the fact that the use of bitcoins in commerce is still growing, potential buyers may have to wait a little while they are able to exchange their vouchers for specific goods or services.

The most basic option for “activating” such cards will be selling them using one of the 70 Värdex cryptomats in the country, or using exchange offices.

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