Chipper Cash Mengumpul $ 100M dalam Siri C

African fintech start-up Chipper Cash has raised more than a hundred million dollars to develop a system of cross-border crypto payments

The company has been developing a payment system in the African region for three years. This activity is of interest to many crypto enthusiasts, so several investors took part in the financing.

The proceeds will be spent on the development of the team, as well as the creation of cryptocurrency and investment products, which will be presented in seven African regions. Among them are countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria. Chipper Cash also operates in the UK.



The total number of users exceeds 4 million. Every day, 80,000 transactions worth more than $100M are made through the Chipper Cash payment system.

Currently, according to the COMPANY's CEO, card and cryptocurrency products have been launched. In the future, the geography and functionality of the project will expand. Products will be added that users will be in demand for. With their help it will be easy to buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies.

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