Poloniex LaunchBase dimulakan semula

The Poloniex exchange platform helps cryptocurrency startups get financing to develop their products. It has recently been updated, and so the project has begun a new round of development

The first in line after the restart was the APENFT (NFT). It was added to the platform on May 21st. The project is interesting because it tokenises works of art, creating a bridge between art objects, artists and blockchain technologies.

Analysts praised its prospects and APENFT even interested Justin San of TRON and Team Houbi. Therefore, APENFT (NFT) will also be the first after the re-launch of the Houbi Prime platform.

Recall that the very first project which was selected by the team Poloniex LaunchBase at the initial launch of the platform, was the token JUST (JST), which was sold out in less than 5 minutes.

It made 20X, after which he was noticed and added to the listing at Binance, Huobi, OKEx. Perhaps APENFT also expects such a future?

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