Platform CoinList Bernilai $1.5 Bilion Dalam Pusingan Pembiayaan Siri A

CoinList got $100M in a new financial round and a $1.5B estimated value.

CoinList, founded in 2017 and regularly delighting investors with a listing of new cryptocurrencies, raised $100M in Series A funding, which was the first round of equity capital raising for the project in two years.

The financial round leaders are Agman Partners and Accomplice VC. They were joined by CMT Digital, Fenbushi Capital, Metaplane, GoldenTree Asset Management, Alphemy Capital, and others. In addition, Agman Partners CEO Scott Silverman joined CoinList's director board, as announced by company Chief Executive Officer Graham Jenkin.

Jenkin noted the quickly growing quality and a number of ambitious companies in the crypto industry. Further, he added that it was the new tokens that became the main impetus for the rapid growth of the platform. The team's decision to conduct funding round was directly related to the desire to maintain the company's current growth rates, as well as the scaling of engineering systems and internal processes. Today, CoinList has 75 employees, but in the coming year, the company's CEO is seeming to double the staff.

The head of CoinList stressed that they will focus on helping various crypto protocols to innovate swiftly, forming even larger communities around them. In addition, he intends to develop the already existing Governance (voting for the listing of tokens) and Karma (a system that rewards CoinList users for the growth of protocols).

In recent years, the platform's client base has also grown significantly in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. According to company representatives, the project has passed the mark of 5 million registered users. In this case, the calculation was carried out taking into account the clients of the CoinList Pro service.

In parallel with the influx of clients, dealing volumes also increased, breaking $1B last year, the current amount of stacks on assets already exceeds $2.6B, and the size of distributed staking rewards is more than $130M. The volume of loans provided within the platform also increased over the year, reaching an indicator of $370M.

The company may attract even more investor funds in the next 18 months, and so far its entire funding in Series A has reached $120M. At the same time, Jenkin noted that CoinList is generating enough profit and can do without looking for additional capital in the future.

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