Coinbase mengalihkan penyenaraian langsung ke bulan April

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States - Coinbase intends to postpone plans for a direct listing from March to April this year. This was stated by sources close to the leadership of Coinbase, but who wished to remain anonymous.

Currently, the plans for the IPO Coinbase are actively studied by U.S. financial regulators, while the exchange itself faces a fine of $6.5 million from the CFTC for commercial activities in 2015-2018.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Coinbase had registered 114.9 million shares for trading by the time they entered the U.S. exchange. Thus, investors do not have to wait for the expiration of the initial blocking in the IPO, which often delays trading for six months.

Coinbase's public valuation, based only on the total number of shares, is about $67.6 billion, and the final price, of course, will be much higher.

The debut of the IPO Coinbase will be not only a large-scale event for the cryptocurrency industry, but also a news "thaw" on the part of regulators and their readiness for dialogue with the crypto community.

Coinbase's latest reporting showed that, unlike most startups in the industry, the company is able to change its losses with a profit of $322 million. At the same time, its revenue doubled to $1.14 billion!

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