Binance US Akan Ke IPO Tidak lama lagi

The head of the largest crypto exchange Binance announced possible plans of its American branch to conduct an IPO. This became known as part of the REDeFiNE Tomorrow 2021 virtual blockchain event.

Binance US is a stand-alone entity running independently from Binance. Therefore, it can try the difficult path to an IPO even in a situation when its parent organization is threatened by dozens of destructive measures and restrictions on the part of regulators from different countries of the world.

According to Changpeng Zhao, the confrontation between Binance and regulators is unlikely to end anytime soon and the exchange will face tough controls more than once in the future. However, he also stressed that the company is aiming to move from a tech startup to a financial services business. To this end, the team makes every effort to comply with the regulatory peculiarities of the world states and recruits ex-representatives of regulatory bodies who can share the accumulated experience with the trading platform. Zhao declared that they previously paid little attention to productive cooperation with financial regulators, which is why they are now forced to quickly accumulate all the "capacity" to fill the "gaps”.

Despite the problems with the departments of some countries, Zhao did not rule out that Binance US may conduct an initial public offering. To facilitate the "publicity" process, Zhao said, they intend to create a full-fledged headquarters with a clear organizational structure. In addition, this format of the company's work will look more “familiar” in the eyes of regulators.

Speaking about further scaling the industry, the head of Binance mentioned the southeastern regions of Asia and Africa. In his opinion, Asia retains enormous potential in the development of a new asset class, even as the attention of many representatives of the digital currency industry is shifting towards North America. At the same time, in Africa, the industry is just beginning to develop and its development depends solely on the strategy chosen by local departments and crypto companies.

The greatest success, according to Zhao, will be demonstrated by NFT and DeFi, since the lion's share of growth has recently been concentrated in these areas. Now is the time to generate additional areas of their application.

We will be able to assess how successful the chosen strategy of "dialogue" with regulators from Binance will be soon.

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