Binance Futures Introduces BTCUSD Quarterly Futures Trading With Leverage Up To 125x

The crypto platform Binance Futures, which specializes in derivatives, has launched quarterly futures in the BTC/USD pair with leverage up to 125x, the official blog of the exchange informs.

Terms for Traders

Binance Futures has developed special conditions for trading quarterly futures. Users will pay a fee of 0.02% from each taker order and receive up to 0.015% of the size of maker orders until July 10 of the current year.

To date, this functionality is implemented only in the web version of the crypto platform, but the developers plan to add them and a mobile application in the near future.

What is a quarterly futures contract?

Quarterly futures involve a preliminary deal between the two parties on the sale or purchase of a specific asset at a fixed price in three months. For example, on the Binance Futures crypto-derivative exchange, these contracts will be performed every last Friday of the quarter. The first batch of contracts will be calculated on September 25th.

Leverage 125x

One of the most interesting innovations is the size of leverage, which now can reach 125x. One contract can be purchased for $100.

“Professional investors usually choose leverage up to 10x, while retailers are more likely to take risks and trade with increased leverage. We provide leverage up to 125x for various investment strategies,” Binance representatives said.

The crypto-derivative platform Binance Futures was launched in September 2019. There you can trade quarterly and perpetual futures contracts, tokens with leverage, as well as options.

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