Pembangun Ethereum Mendapatkan Keputusan Q1 2021

Q1 2021 has become phenomenal for the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The commission in the network has grown two hundred times. The total revenue of miners was $1.7 billion, although a year earlier in the same period the commission brought miners 8 billion only

The volume of transactions in the network increased twenty-fold, reaching $713 billion, and in 2020 this figure was $33 billion. This figure was $7.63 against last year's $0.06.

The number of active addresses in the blockchain increased by 71%. During the first quarter there were 607 thousand of them (in 2020 there were 364 thousand). DEX has grown 76 times. The figure was 177 billion against 2.3 billion recorded in 2020.

The total value of the rates blocked in DeFi increased 64 times, amounting to 52 billion in 2020, this figure was $0.8 billion. Revenue from the sale of art objects increased 560 times and amounted to 396 million against 0.7 million in 2020.

Ethereum's performance has inspired many crypto enthusiasts. Most indicators reached record highs, including the commission. It has grown significantly, which has caused the migration of some projects to Binance blockchains and other projects.



Recall that Ethereum has experienced many important developments this year. In April, the EIP1559 update package was approved and will be implemented on June 9th. It will launch a token combustion mechanism, reduce emissions, reduce volatility and provide an excellent incentive to increase the price of ETH.

Fork London will be launched on July 14th. This will be the next step towards PoS mining. The first was made in December 2020, when the first PoS chain was launched. Further, on May 12th, two blockchain chains were successfully merged into the test environment, which demonstrated the successful implementation of further plans.

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