Pengasas Bersama Ethereum Menjual Firma Dan Meninggalkan Industri Crypto

Anthony Di Iorio, who once founded Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin, said that he intends to sell his software development firm, all cryptocurrency reserves and leave the industry.

In today's report, Bloomberg unveiled the plans of one of the eight co-founders of the second largest digital currency on the market. He intends not only to sell the Decentral firm, but also to move away from working with cryptocurrency projects.

According to Di Iorio himself, he does not want to be just a "crypto guy", because he is interested in solving complex problems. The entrepreneur stressed that he intends to resort to digital currencies when there is an urgent need for it. He called cryptocurrencies and blockchain “tools” in his arsenal, along with other “approaches”. However, the businessman is also confident that today tokens are only a small percentage of what the world needs.

Di Iorio is one of the earliest Bitcoin enthusiasts and was a great help in the start of Ethereum, standing on a par with Joseph Lubin, Gavin Wood and Charles Hoskinson. Having made the decision to “exit” the industry, he hinted that this was due to the security issues of cryptocurrencies and their “risk profile”. The entrepreneur reported that he no longer feels safe in the crypto industry.

Decentral, founded by Di Iorio in 2014, has become “a center for decentralized and disruptive technologies,” ideologically reminiscent of the younger brother of ConsenSys, a blockchain startup founded by another co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin. The main brainchild of the Decentral team is the Jaxx Liberty cryptocurrency wallet.

The other founders of ETH also went their separate ways. So, Charles Hoskinson became the head of Cardano, and Gavin Wood founded the equally famous Polkadot, bringing many interesting ideas to the industry.

Today, it is difficult to assess the approximate state of Di Iorio. It is only known that in the summer of 2018 Forbes added him to the list of billionaires. Then the cost of Ethereum fluctuated around $800-900, while now its price on the Binance exchange is over $1860.

Di Iorio already has a plan for the future and his first point will be the creation of a charitable foundation. To this end, the businessman has already held meetings with politicians and leaders in various industries, and today he is looking for new employees. To get things done quickly, he enlisted the help of a public relations firm.

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