Ahli komuniti Crypto membayar komisen ETH $ 450,000 secara tidak sengaja

The user mistakenly paid a commission in the amount of more than $450,000 in Ethereum equivalent for an unsuccessful payment.

Less than a month has passed since the critical error of the DeversiFi team, which paid an insane $23.7 million fee, and another "cosmic" commission of $458,000 was discovered on the network, written off by mistake. Let it not be compared with tens of millions of dollars, the person from whom these funds were taken does not think so.

One of the crypto community members wanted to join the Strips (STRP) token sale held on October 13 as part of the MISO Launchpad, a cryptocurrency trading platform launched by the SushiSwap team. However, due to the unexpected excitement, the token sale ended in just six seconds and the entire volume of the sold cryptocurrency was redeemed by 14 addresses.

To get an advantage in the token sale process, the participant decided to use the Flashbots protocol. It provides Ethereum users with the ability to “bribe” miners by gaining an advantage in newly mined blocks in return. This should guarantee priority in the queue in the event of a highly competitive crypto auction with new tokens. But something went wrong.

Often, Flashbots transactions assume confidentiality until they are included in a block. However, a transactional request from this user entered the public mempool by mistake. As a result, one of the Ethereum miners processed the transaction, thereby including it in the block. Considering the fact that the token sale ended almost instantly, and the transaction was not completed successfully, the person received 0 tokens. But he was still charged a commission of 123 ETH (about $ 458,000 at the current exchange rate on Huobi).

One of the Flashbots managers, Robert Miller, told about the incident, saying that due to the too fast sale, the transaction was indeed sent to the mempool, where it was also recorded by the Etherscan service. If the user had not decided to “cheat” by connecting Flashbots to the purchase, the transaction would not have gone through, and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on commission remained with him.

After the Ethereum user noticed the error, he apparently tried to promptly cancel the transaction by sending another 30 ETH, equivalent to $111,900 on Huobi, and reporting the network cancellation.

It is not yet known whether he managed to recover the funds, in contrast to DeversiFi, to which the miners returned most of the money spent wasted.

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