Ralat kritikal dijumpai di Ethereum mainnet

A split of blockchain was discovered on the ETH Mainnet, which was begun by the inability of the node operators to update the Geth to the last version, which includes a critical fix.

Geth is the most common software used to join the ETH blockchain. Three days ago, the Geth team released an urgent update to an error in the code that prevents network participants from creating new blocks. The very same vulnerability was discovered by the Go Ethereum team back on August 18, specifying that a fix will be released on the 24th, but they did not name the exact reason for the error.

After the 24th, it turned out that all EVM-compatible chains are at risk. Those users were warned to renew their nodes without fail and stop performing transactions on the network until Geth was updated to the newest version. The consensus error will potentially affect more than half of the nodes on the ETH network, as a result of which they can become detached from the Mainnet.

Marius Van der Weyden, an Ethereum software developer, wrote that following the information about the error that appeared, the occurrence of an exploit was sure. By his words, an anonymous or a group of anonymous attackers have already exploited a vulnerability affecting operators using early variants of Geth. We are talking about nodes with Geth version 1.10.7 and earlier installed. Ethernodes is reporting that 74.6% of the total number of ETH nodes are currently using Geth and only 28.4% of the clients of this software have installed version 1.10.8, also known as “Hades Gamma”, which was released this Tuesday. In other words, now about 53% of all nodes are in danger due to work with a critical base error. Out of 5289 ETH nodes, 3947 are using Geth software. Van der Weyden declined to give details of the attack, confirming only that the exploit was used by a single address.

The main danger for those using the old version is that this can at least cause double-spending attacks, when attackers spend a certain amount of tokens, after which the transaction they performed is being overwritten by another chain. Analyst Igor Igamberdiev suggested that the problem could affect BSC.

Despite the separation of some of the nodes from the Mainnet, this led to a serious separation. The Ethereum Foundation chief of a security stated the reason for this was the use of the correct chain by the miners, which is also the longest or "canonical" one.

Among the three mining pools whose miners are using the previous version of Geth, the ETH core developer highlighted BTC.com, Binance, and Flexpool. Representatives of the latter declared that they are informed of the error and will try to promptly notify other large pools of crypto-miners about it.

Similar problems have already arisen on the ETH network before. For example, a year ago, about 12% of the nodes were unusable due to an error that compromised half of the Parity nodes and all the OpenEthereum nodes.

Meanwhile, the rate of the second largest cryptocurrency was “not impressed” by the problems within the network and it continued to rise, reaching $3,280 on the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange.

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