Buterin Wants To Speed Up Work On Ethereum 2.0

Vitalik Buterin, creator and mastermind of the second-largest cryptocurrency by capitalization and popularity, asked the development team to speed up work on Ethereum 2.0.

Pick up the pace

Buterin believes that it is necessary to prepare Ethereum 2.0 clients as soon as possible and test them in real conditions. He wrote about this on the Reddit website.


No need to write from scratch

He added that many of the specifications that make up the first phase have already been made in the zero phase, therefore, developers only need to optimize, not re-create them.

What problems can arise?

Buterin is concerned about peer-to-peer sharding, which has never been used in such scenarios before. He wants to launch an ETH 2.0 client on the existing ETH 1 network at the same time as the first phase. Thus, he can test a new network, as well as achieve a throughput of 100 thousand transactions per second.