Pedagang membeli 4.3 BTC dengan harga $13,000

DeFi-platform, which started working the other day, brought one of the users income in the amount of 150,000 per transaction. Due to an error, one of the clients bought 4.3 Bitcoins at a price 12 times cheaper than the market price

The platform trades synthetic Bitcoins - tBTC, wBTC, sBTC and renBTC. One of the users decided to purchase a cryptocurrency for 13 thousand dollars. However, due to a glitch in the exchange rate mechanism, on January 19, one unnamed user was able to exchange 0.343 sBTC for 4362 wBTC.

As a result, the capital of this lucky person increased by 1150% in one operation. He received $150,000 in net profit. The transaction can be tracked on