Peretas mencuri $ 3 juta ETH bersamaan dari SushiSwap, tetapi tidak lama kemudian mengembalikannya

The attacker managed to steal 864.8 ETH from the MISO platform of the SushiSwap project, which is equivalent to almost $3 million at the current exchange rate on Huobi. SushiSwap CTO Joseph Delong announced this on his Twitter account.

Delong promptly reported the incident, stressing that MISO was under attack on the supply chain. A hacker under the pseudonym AristoK3 managed to inject malicious code into the external interface of MISO, while changing the cryptocurrency address of the auction wallet to his own. The money raised by Jay Pegs Auto Mart, equivalent to 864.8 ETH, was hit.

For the sale of NFT Kia Sedona 2007, the Jay Pegs Auto Mart resource was specially created and the eponymous Twitter was allocated, in which the participants were notified of the upcoming sale. These oddly named, non-fungible tokens were available for purchase on DEX SushiSwap using the MISO platform. A total of 10,000 NFTs were generated, each of which could be purchased with DONA Reservation Tokens.

Of course, the NFT giveaway did not imply that they were backed up by real cars. It's just that the organizers of the "joke" found the Kia Sedona suitable as a reliable asset, referring to the fact that of the 40,493 models sold in the US back in 2007, more than half are still on the move.

A little later, the SushiSwap team was able to identify other social networks of the hacker. Someone @eratos1122, who previously collaborated with Yearn.Finance and helped numerous cryptocurrency projects in various issues, including those related to security, turned out to be responsible for the attack.

The project was not going to persuade the hacker to give the money amicably, as some colleagues from the industry did earlier. Instead, he was threatened that if the funds were not returned within a certain period, SushiSwap employees would turn to the FBI, entrusting the case to the lawyers of Anderson Kill.

After some time, the hacker decided to return the money in several transactions. According to Etherscan, he first transferred 100 ETH to the SushiSwap wallet, then the main part of the amount of 700 ETH, and an hour later the balance of 65 ETH. After that, the project withdrew the claims, and the CTO of SushiSwap praised the hacker in response to his confession tweet. As a "reward", he was also given 1 DONA token, which allows him to receive one out of 10,000 NFTs. Jay Pegs Auto Mart announced that their giveaway will take place on September 21st.

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