Two miners from Dagestan stole electricity for 2 million rubles

Employees of the state company "Rosseti" in the North Caucasus discovered several violators who illegally connected their mining farms to the facilities of the enterprise.

Dagestan police security operation

As a result of a state company's specialists and Russian police operation, one of the criminals was arrested, and theft of electricity was prevented.

Damage done

Rosseti North Caucasus specialists roughly estimated that the attacker caused damage of at least 1.7 million rubles (about $23 thousand).

A "law-abiding" criminal

Law enforcement agencies also found another attacker, who turned out to be a resident of Makhachkala. The man illegally installed mining equipment in his garage. The damage from his activities amounted to 247 thousand rubles, but as a matter of fact, he has already paid it in full