Penipu itu berjaya memikat $ 140,000 dari peminat NFT

A fraudster posing as a 17-year-old 3D artist cranked rug pull during the pre-sale of the NFT collection. The attacker managed to collect more than $140,000 in cryptocurrency equivalent, after which he disappeared along with the money.

As part of an NFT project called Iconics, a man who identified himself as a young 3D artist announced his intention to create 8,000 non-fungible tokens. All of them were supposed to be 3D renders of unique busts, 14 of which he even showed on his personal Discord channel, ostensibly to confirm his intentions. However, hardly anyone could have guessed what exactly the “creator” was up to.

Before hiding the entire volume of virtual sculptures, the author announced a pre-sale in the amount of 2,000 NFT at a price of 0.5 SOL. The total income from the sale was 1,000 Solana tokens, equivalent to more than $142,000 at the current exchange rate on the Huobi crypto exchange. That said, the community was very enthusiastic about the idea, snapping up a preliminary batch of 2,000 NFT shortly after the start of the sale.

After a while, when customers were supposed to receive the non-fungible tokens they had purchased, they were surprised to find assemblies of... random emojis. Of course, these weren't some smileys he had drawn. The scammer collected emoji sets and sent them to those who purchased one of the 2,000 NFTs. Some even bought 10-15 tokens at once, hoping to get their own collection of 3D art. Now, these members of the crypto community are laughing off on Twitter that they are looking for someone who wants to purchase a “unique portion of emoji” with Solana tokens.

The fact that the author of the project made rug pull was among the first to be reported by @SOLBigBrain, who regularly covers new NFT projects on the Solana blockchain. Later, he also posted a link on GitHub with a list of identification numbers mined by the Iconics scam. Representatives of @WaifuDAOSolana, inviting everyone to generate a unique 2D girl for themselves, found out about the incident and said they would give 1,000 Waifu-NFT in an attempt to support deceived investors. To do this, they only need to attach the address of their Phantom cryptocurrency wallet so that they can check it for transactions in favor of Iconics.

The contributors themselves, meanwhile, created a Discord channel to share details of what happened, while other members of the cryptocurrency community advised them to contact the FBI with official complaints.

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