Ketua pertukaran crypto Suex mengesahkan penglibatannya dalam perkhidmatan tersebut

The alleged head of the Suex cryptocurrency exchange, according to TRM Labs, has confirmed his involvement in the service.

Yesterday it became known that the US Treasury Department imposed penalties on Suex, prohibiting US residents and citizens from using the service or cooperating with it. At the same time, there was no talk of forcing penalties on company employees. The main problem of claims against the exchanger was illegal assets, which make up about 40% of the total turnover of the service, connected, among other things, with cybercriminals.

In a telephone conversation, Vasily Zhabykin told the New York Times that Suex's original and only task was to develop software for the economics. Of course, there was no talk of any illegal activity. Therefore, Zhabykin believes that the US Treasury Department was mistaken when it accused his firm of laundering illicit funds.

The founder of Suex is today the head of the neobank NUUM from the Russian telecom giant MTS. Speaking to the NY Times about the crypto exchange, he stressed that the idea of ​​Suex, registered in the Czech Republic, has failed, and over the past few years the company has processed "half a dozen transactions." Also, there have been only three employees among the company's employees. He also added that he did not realize how he was concerned about all this.

Other Suex investors, represented by Maxim Subbotin and Ildar Zakirov, have repeatedly demonstrated their connection with the project, posting various materials about the work of the cryptocurrency exchanger on Facebook and other major social networks. And although investors declined to comment to the media, journalists found the personal block of another crypto exchanger investor, Yegor Petukhovsky, in which Zakirov and Subbotin appeared as partners of Suex. In addition, in the blog, he mentioned Ivan Petukhovsky, the co-founder of the Exmo crypto exchange, pointing out that he played a key role in the creation of the crypto exchanger.

Exmo representatives assured that their company was not involved in illicit financial activities, and its co-founder really played a key role in the development of cryptocurrencies in the Russian Federation. In addition, all transactions carried out by Exmo are manually verified by CipherTrace to ensure accurate identification of funds entering the trading platform.

Today Suex has two registrations in Prague and in the Federation Tower, located in Moscow City, and the exchanger's website is owned by Hightrade Finance Ltd., registered in St. Vincent.

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