The Famous Mekotio Virus Now Steals Cryptocurrencies

Employees of ESET corporation believe that a sharp outbreak of the Mekotio virus, which steals digital coins, will soon occur.

About the virus

This Trojan has attacked bank accounts in the past. The principle of the virus is extremely simple: when it gets on the victim's device, it starts tracking browser activity. When trying to log in to any Internet banking, the malware substitutes a fake authorization window and sends the victim's confidential data to a remote server.

How does it steal cryptocurrencies?

Hackers have improved this Trojan and now it can replace crypto wallet addresses. That is, when the user wants to make a transfer and copies the desired address to the clipboard, the virus replaces it with the wallet number belonging to the hacker.

How to protect yourself?

The virus spreads through email newsletters, so experts advise not to click on suspicious links or download files from unknown sources.