Lazarus Operate Again

The blockchain expert under the pseudonym Ergo informs that the well-known hacker organization Lazarus sent 2549 coins (more than $23 million) to bitcoin mixers during May.

Moving coins

At the beginning of this spring, the US government included the number of BTC wallets of two citizens of the PRC who are suspected of involvement in Lazarus to the sanctions list. US cybersecurity experts believe that these individuals received more than $100 million from Lazarus that was stolen from crypto exchanges.

OXT Research

A little later, OXT specialists studied these addresses in detail and came to the conclusion that these coins were transferred for laundering purposes. More precisely, the hackers sent BTC to two mixers ChipMixer and Wasabi, in total 2549 bitcoins were sent in May.

What is Lazarus?

Recall, Lazarus is a group of highly skilled hackers who are responsible for multiple hacks of crypto exchanges. From the information provided by the US government, this organization directly relates to the government of North Korea and helps it bypass international sanctions.

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