Kyiv Detonators And Bitcoin Blackmailers Arrested

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have arrested two men who are suspected of organizing several explosions in the Ukrainian capital and extortion of 50 BTC.

Where is it coming from?

The information appeared on the official Facebook of the Security Service of Ukraine.

What is known?

Investigators believe that the suspects are responsible for two explosions: one near the Shulyavskaya metro station, and the second in a residential building.

The criminals got in touch with the SBU officers after the first explosion and demanded 50 BTC. Also, they posted relevant announcements near the entrances of residential buildings and threatened local residents.

kyiv detonators and bitcoin blackmailers

“Your house or another will be blown up within 24 hours.The President, the police and the media have been warned many times.As proof of his intentions he gave explosive devices on the Minskaya metro station. I blew up explosives on the Shulyavka metro station. Do not believe, then receive. You have 12 hours to transfer 50 bitcoins to my wallet. Later, the price will double. After the first explosion, I will continue in 12 hours.”

Police actions

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the Security Service officers managed to defuse two more explosive devices. During the arrest, they found physical evidence, indicating their involvement in these incidents.

If their guilt is proven, they will face 7 - 12 years in prison.