Di Rusia, 4 orang ditangkap yang mencuri 1 juta rubel dan membeli cryptocurrency dengan semua wang

Four Russians were detained in the Moscow region. The law enforcement agencies charged them with the theft of 1 million rubles. The money was transferred to digital currency

The investigation started with a statement from a Moscow resident about the theft of 120 thousand rubles from a bank account. The money was withdrawn through mobile phone and credit card fraud.

The victim received a call, warned that someone was trying to withdraw money from her bank account, asked for security to give her card number and code. After that, all the money was debited from the account.

During the investigation, four people involved in this atrocity were arrested. They committed at least three thefts, thereby inflicting damage to their victims of almost 1 million rubles. The money was converted into cryptocurrency by way of fraud.

During the investigation, equipment, a SIM card and other evidence of the atrocity were seized from the suspect's home. The four suspects are awaiting trial.