Illegal mining farm in Kyrgyzstan disguised as a sewing workshop

According to local media reports, the Kyrgyz police, together with representatives of the energy company Severelectro, discovered another clandestine mining farm, which worked in one of the workshops of a garment enterprise. 

Another illegal mining farm

This time, a building with devices for mining cryptocurrencies was located in the capital of the Republic of Bishkek along Bayalinov Street. Since 2020, the owners of the premises have not allowed inspectors from the electricity supplier into the territory. Taking into account the many times increased energy consumption, Severelectro came to the conclusion about the possible location of mining farms in the building.

Almost 200 unregistered miners

As a result of an audit on August 7, law enforcement officers found 187 working devices for mining. On the fact of the theft of electricity and illegal business activity, an audit was started.