Hackers attacked Ethereum Classic network for the second time in a week

 The blockchain of the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic has undergone a 51% Attack twice in the last week. As a result of the latest destabilization in the network, 4,000 mined blocks were reorganized. 

ETC transactions are temporarily suspended

Third-party interference became known from the twitter of the Ethermine mining pool, which temporarily suspended the withdrawal of ETC. Following Bitfly, the information was confirmed by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, stopping operations with ETC.

Twitter mining pool

First time hackers stole $ 5.6 million

The first attack on the Ethereum Classic network took place on the night of August 1. The hacker rented power from the NiceHash pool for $ 192,000 to using the double-spend principle and double his ETC balance. As a result of the fraudulent actions, the attacker withdrew 807 thousand ETC, which at the current exchange rate is equal to $ 5.6 million.

The damage from today's 51% Attack remains unknown.