Hackers again broke Lion security system and extort $ 800 million

Hackers for the second time in a month hacked the server of the Australian company Lion. Now scammers have launched a ransomware virus, which requires sending them $ 800 million in Monero.

The hacked updated security system

The first attack on Lion’s servers was organized just 11 days ago, and after that, information security engineers did some work to increase the level of protection. It is reported that they were assisted by experts from Accenture. Apparently, the measures taken were not enough.

The Sydney Morning Herald writes that hackers from the REvil group threatened to double the amount if they did not receive their money within 24 hours. As a spokeswoman for Lion said:

“We confirm that Lion was the victim of the ransomware virus. So far we cannot comment in more detail on the situation. ”

Fraudsters stepped up

Recently, the activities of the cybercrime grouping REvil have significantly increased. Within a few months, they managed to hack into the Symbotic LLC database, as well as steal over 750 GB of data from another law firm. In addition, fraudsters threatened to publish some incriminating evidence on US President Donald Trump.

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