Penganalisis Elliptic: Transaksi Suex berjumlah lebih dari $ 930 juta sejak 2018

Analysts from Elliptic said that the amount of funds transferred through the Russian crypto exchange Suex, which fell under the sanctions of the US Treasury Department, is much higher than the previously announced $480 million.

Employees of the analytical company Elliptic have studied in detail the transactions of the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Suex, having come to the conclusion that at least $934 million has passed through it since 2018. This is almost double the $480 million recorded by OFAC. Of these, according to the US department, more than $160 million were received as a result of illegal activities.

By imposing sanctions, the US department makes it clear to cybercriminals that it intends to act as strictly as possible. In addition, according to the previously published plan of the Administration of President Joe Biden to combat software ransomware, they will do everything possible to prevent exchangers with the participation of digital currencies from turning into “conduits” for funds obtained illegally.

The ban on cooperation with Suex applies not only to citizens and residents of the country but primarily to American banks. Since, when clearing financial transactions, they will have to ensure that there were no transactions associated with the Russian crypto exchanger in the processing. In fact, it is now “cut off” from the USD equivalent clearing system.

In total, more than 120 cryptocurrency addresses, recorded in various frauds and criminal activities, have been added to the OFAC's “black list” to date.

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