Double Murder In Mexico: Two Promoters Of The Pyramid OneCoin Are Dead

Mexican bitcoin news informs, two people who were promoting the OneCoin crypto pyramid were found dead.

Oscar Brito Ibarra

At the end of 2017, when the cryptocurrency market was at its peak, Oscar Brito Ibarra joined the promising OneCoin project. He became the promoter of the project, he traveled around the country and searched for new investors.

Ignacio Ibarra

After a while, Oscar invited Ignacio Ibarra to the project, and he entered the Latin American Automotive Marketing Company (CLA). They promised investors a discount on the purchase of the car, subject to the use of the OneCoin system.

The last trip

At the end of last month, they went to the Mexican city Mazatlan. And just recently, the police found their bodies.

Investigators suspect that the killings may be connected with local drug cartels. The fact is that criminals in Mexico very often use digital currencies for the purpose of money laundering