Analisis Altcoin: ADA, DOGE, DOT, BCH, UNI, LTC

The altcoin market has strengthened due to the example of the main cryptocurrency and is not going to give up. Let's take a look at which altcoins have risen in value in the past week.


Today, the Cardano rate managed to please its holders with an increase of 30% to $2.20, reaching a new historical record. The last time this happened back in January 2018 at the level of $1.9 per token.

The critical mark for the continued growth of the coin is $2. If the bulls manage to keep it at this level, then the prices of $2.25-$2.30 per token will not be long in coming.

Now ADA has slightly adjusted its price and is trading at $2.15 on Binance.


With constant support from Elon Musk and the crypto community, the meme token conquers new heights almost every week. The activity of traders has only increased against the background of the announcement of the listing on Coinbase, which means that we may see a new ATH very soon.

The bears were unable to keep the price low as the bulls bought tokens in the downturns this week. It should be borne in mind that the DOGE consolidation range is too large from $0.35 to $0.73 in the next couple of weeks.

DOGE is currently trading at $0.51 on Huobi.


The value of the token fluctuated between $33 and $50 over the week, but the bulls' attempts failed to renew the uptrend, attracting new buyers. However, it was not without some positive, because the community did not allow the token to return to the level of $26-$27, which would be a clear signal for action for the bears.

If the uptrend manages to consolidate the token above the resistance in the 44-48 region, then we can again see the DOT values ​​of $63.7 on the charts.

So far, DOT is trading at $48.6 on Huobi.


Recent months have been fruitful for the Bitcoin Cash rate it has shown both higher highs and lows, which is a sign of an uptrend.

Traders now view the downside moment as the best opportunity to buy BCH. If the bulls manage to hold the price above the $1,430 level, then the market will retest $1638 per token. In case of even greater growth, the “fuse” of the trend will be able to “hold out” the token to $2,050.

Currently, the price for one BCH is $1,248 on Binance.


For the second week, the coin demonstrates a sideways movement either breaking through the $45 bar at the upper level and returning to the lower borders of $35-$36. This is a classic sign of rapid growth.

If buyers manage to push the token above $45, the uptrend could well reach the $56 level. Having fixed the resistance at such a value, this month the token will be able to reach the price of 68.

The current UNI price is $39.07 on the Huobi exchange.


Another coin from the TOP-10 of CoinMarketCap showing an upward trend, which was slightly "pushed" by the ICP token, which has dropped this week.

Litecoin managed to break above its own 2017 high of $370, which was a drop of positive for the crypto community, and this week the bulls managed to take it to a new high at $412.75. But, unfortunately, we did not manage to hold this position for a long time to fix the profit.

The market has rejected the breakout and is gradually correcting the coin. If the token can bounce off the breakout, the trend may well be replaced by another wave of growth.

LTC is trading at a $316.84 value on Binance today.

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