EBay mula menjual NFT

Earlier it became known that the American marketplace eBay intends to provide its users with the opportunity to sell NFT on the site. Well, apparently, the time has come, like ads for the sale of NFT objects are starting to appear right now!

Having succumbed to the general “frenzy” around non-fungible tokens, the marketplace decided not to interfere with its customers selling and buying baseball cards, videos, paintings, and other “digitalized” items.

A company spokesman emphasized that the ability to sell NFT items will for some time only be available to users “meeting eBay standards”. Unfortunately, no clearer wording was provided, because it is not clear who exactly falls into this category.

At the same time, the general manager of eBay in North America said that the company aims to make the phenomenon of non-fungible tokens mainstream, making them available to even more people.

Some members of the crypto community are still waiting for cryptocurrencies to be added to eBay after the ill-fated 2019 ad about “digital currencies on eBay”. And even though the employees of the company themselves hastened to refute these rumors even then, the first step towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the marketplace has been made. We hope that accepting BTC, ETH and other digital currencies will not take long.

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