BitGo Users Enabled To Trade Directly From Cold Wallets

One of the largest providers of custodial solutions for institutional investors, BitGo has officially confirmed the launch of the new platform. Now users will be able to carry out all trading operations right from cold wallets.

BitGo Prime -  a way to become a prime broker

The new platform is called BitGo Prime. The company representatives say this is the only platform in the industry that provides services for trading, lending, and storing digital assets. The launch of BitGo Prime makes it possible for the company to become a prime broker.

Customer anonymity

Through BitGo Prime, customers can trade digital currencies straight from their cold wallets. BitGo Custody will be responsible for their safety and legal compliance. Given the fact that BitGo Prime will be the sole intermediary in transactions, users will be totally anonymous.

BitGo Prime Limitations

There will be some restrictions at the initial stage of the platform. As a matter of fact, trading services will be available only to users who have accounts fully secured by deposits. But this should be decided through lending in the future.

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