Pasaran peralatan perlombongan akan meningkat sebanyak $ 2.8 bilion pada tahun 2024

Analysis conducted in the cryptosphere shows that the mining equipment market is growing by 7% in a year. By 2024, it will reach 2.8 billion

Interest in crypto is growing, thanks to a whole range of factors. Among them are the jump in prices, the increase in the number of amateur miners, the bullish impulse of altcoins, the growing adoption of crypto and the increase in the number of transactions.

Crypto attracts more and more participants. Institutional investors are actively investing in BTC and altcoins. The volume of trading is growing, which stimulates transactions, and therefore the need for mining is growing.

This news does not please environmentalists. However, it is impossible to contain the development of the cryptosphere. In the coming years, faster and safer technologies will emerge, and this will lead to an increase in the mining market.

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