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The largest BTC mining pools continue to flag the need for a Taproot update. For its activation, those pools have already voted, which in total control about 86% of the hashrate of the main cryptocurrency on the market. There is very little left to integrate a major blockchain update.

This information was shared by Binance on its official Twitter account. The top ten Bitcoin pools signaled a critical need to implement Taproot, almost reaching the required 90% target. However, now it has slightly decreased and is 72.44%.

The main supporters of the update were and remain the biggest pools F2Pool and AntPool. Meanwhile, the 12th largest SushiPool mined the first block of the transaction, flagging Taproot. As for the 1st Taproot signal for today, it occurred at block 683 878 and then at 683 945.

According to the Taproot. watch resource, created to track signals by programmer Hampus Sjöberg, still with the current difficulty of mining the main cryptocurrency, there were minimum of 10 Taproot signals on the market, following each other. But, given that now 190 blocks do not indicate an update, its activation is in question and is still unlikely. Ideally, the Taproot should be fixed by August 11th. In this case, the update itself will be rolled out at the end of autumn 2021.

If Taproot happens, it will be the most important protocol-level advance in Bitcoin in four years. It will mask the terms of expenses and “extra” details from both sides of the transactions. This, according to members of the crypto community, will significantly enhance privacy and extend the functionality of smart contracts within the bitcoin blockchain.

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