Iran mengaitkan risikan untuk mengesan pelombong haram

Iranian intelligence officers have been tasked with fighting illegal cryptocurrency mining in the country. The main reason for this was the desire of local authorities to reduce the load on the power grid.

After the growth of the cryptocurrency market, local miners literally went crazy, starting to mine the main cryptocurrency on the market with a vengeance. As a result, the authorities faced power overload problems and disruptions throughout Iran.

The Ministry of Intelligence helped the authorities to form special committees throughout the country to detect and promptly eliminate mining centers that produce cryptocurrencies. These are mainly large farms engaged in illegal mining of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The coordinator of the Iranian news agency said the agencies have stepped up efforts to control power grids and have involved the state-owned power system operator Tavanir in this process. Its leadership was forced to restrict the supply of electricity to some settlements in Iran due to an increase in consumption from mining centers operating without a license. Such actions led not only to blackouts in residential areas but also to the lack of lighting on the streets.

A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Energy said that 87% of the total volume of mined cryptocurrency in the country was obtained illegally. He also reminded the locals that the agency has significantly increased the monetary reward for reporting illegal mining to the authorities. Now, this amount is 7.5 times higher than the average salary in Iran and amounts to 200 million reais, which is equivalent to $4,750.

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