Equipment For Mining Began To Be Actively Imported To Abkhazia

In the first half of this year, network equipment worth 84 million rubles was imported to the territory of a partially recognized Republic of Abkhazia.

Data for the first six months of 2020

According to the border service, 10 bulks totaling 42 million rubles were imported as temporary imports, and another 73 bulks for the same amount were imported.

Data for 2019

Important to note is that for the entire 2019, only 23 bulks of network equipment were imported into the territory of Abkhazia, which was estimated at 37.4 million rubles.

Legislative absurdity

As a matter of fact, the mining of digital currencies has been prohibited in Abkhazia since December 2018, but the import of mining equipment is not prohibited by law. That is, you can enter, but not use it.