El Salvador mahu menambang dengan kekuatan gunung berapi

Yesterday El Salvador officially announced the legalization of the main cryptocurrency on the market as a means of payment. Now, even on Wikipedia, bitcoin is listed as one of the valid currencies in El Salvador. Shortly thereafter, the country's president, Nayib Bukele, announced that he was interested in mining cryptocurrency using the energy of a... volcano.

The head of state said on his Twitter account that he was in talks with the state-owned geothermal energy company LaGeo, instructing its leadership to develop a plan for mining Bitcoin using volcanic energy. Considering 20 potentially active volcanoes in the country, such a practice could be a gold mine for her. The only problem is that some volcanoes, like Chaparrastika, are prone to frequent eruptions, which can lead to the destruction of mining equipment if it is placed too close to the epicenter.

A few hours later, Bukele tweeted that workers had dug a well capable of producing about 95 MW of clean geothermal energy that could be used for a mining center. Against this background, LaGeo employees, together with the president, have already begun to think about how to equip a mining hub around the source.

Thus, El Salvador could become the first country that managed not only to make bitcoin an equal currency on its territory but also to achieve the most environmentally friendly method of mining the main cryptocurrency on the market. Especially when you consider the fact that over the past few months China, which has long been the leader in the mining industry, has begun to actively interfere with the “choking” of this type of crypto business in the territories of the largest provinces.

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