Ebang carried a successful IPO and raised more than $100 million

 A fairly large Chinese mining equipment manufacturer, Ebang International Holdings, has attracted $101 million in investment.

Successful IPO

The company carried out an IPO and managed to sell 19.3 million shares at a price of $5.23. Note, initially, they planned to issue 59 thousand more shares.

Plans vs reality

Originally, the company planned to raise $100 million, then this figure increased to 125 million, but in the end, it turned out $101 million. At the moment, the company's value is estimated at 685 million US dollars.

Ebang Stock Volatility

The screenshot shows that the shares of the company, which have the EBON ticker, sharply fell, their rate approached the mark of $4. But after a short period of time, their rate approached the opening price.

Ebang Stock chart on Nasdaq by Tradingview