Majlis Perlombongan Bitcoin tidak berminat dengan penyertaan Elon Musk

The Bitcoin Mining Council, which united the miners of the first digital currency on the market under its virtual roof, began its work. The head of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, announced this in his Twitter account.

The organization's website states that the first priority of BMC members is to promote cutting-edge ideas in the crypto business and its clarity. Members of the organization are encouraged to divide valuable experiences with each other and teach society about the advantages of Bitcoins and their mining. Nevertheless, there was no place for Elon Musk in this company.

The billionaire enjoys being constantly busy, co-founder of PayPal, managing Tesla, and heading SpaceX at the same time. But motivating cryptocurrency miners to pursue “energy-efficient” and “green” visions for the future does not seem to be within his purview. Although earlier it was precisely the “lack of environmental friendliness” that caused the billionaire's public refusal to use Bitcoin. Unless, of course, this was another manipulation of the Bitcoin price tag.

Many believed that Musk would become one of the main luminaries of the Bitcoin Mining Council, but his entire engagement began and ended with an “education call” held with a group of miners on May 24. Saylor himself would hardly have been happy with the participation in the organization of miners of a person who regularly arranges demonstrative "dumping sessions" in a market in which he has invested billions of dollars.

Head of MicroStrategy told that the BMC will not force anyone to follow certain “green” dogmas or something like that. Its task will be to popularize mining and crypto activity to involve the interest of those who have heard about it before but have never delved into exactly how this industry works. At the same time, by increasing public awareness of the real indicators of energy consumption on the part of miners and their devices, so that people would less believe in flashy headlines and separate adherents of facts from those who like to shout about the "danger" of Bitcoin.

But Elon Musk, apparently, was attributed to the latter.

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