Majlis Perlombongan Bitcoin mendakwa 56% pelombong menggunakan tenaga bersih

The Bitcoin Mining Council presented its first report, which focuses entirely on electricity consumption by cryptocurrency miners and the sustainability of the energy supply structure.

BMC enthusiasts said that the BTC mining industry today uses 56% of its energy from renewable sources. These results were shown by the 1st voluntary survey conducted by the organization among more than 32% of participants in the current Bitcoin network.

The survey involved only three questions, which contain data on the amount of electricity consumed by the participants' farms, the percentage of renewable energy they used, and an estimate of the overall hash rate of their equipment. All this helped to get a clear picture of how many miners have decided to switch to “green” energy for their farms after the hype surrounding the long confrontation between miners and environmentalists.

The only thing that remained incomprehensible to the participators of the crypto community was what exactly was meant by “clean energy”. Although, most likely, it was about the use of its classic sources sun, wind, and water.

According to the council, mining has become one of the most resilient industries in the world. However, it is worth considering that the data extrapolation method and certain limitations of the survey participants make the statistics not as comprehensive as we would like. Therefore, it is not worth rejoicing ahead of time that mining has turned into a “green” industry.

On the other hand, Elon Musk has something to think about after the announcements on Twitter about the resumption of the sale of electric cars for BTC and further investment by Tesla in the main cryptocurrency on the market, when more than 50% of miners start using "clean" energy.

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