Nisbah bitcoin ke altcoin telah menjadi 1: 1

Now the dominance of BTC over other coin has decreased

The previous time this ratio (50 to 50) was about 33 months ago, in 2018, when BTC was trading at $8,000. In 2021, this is due to the bullish season of altcoins, as well as a reduction in the market share of Bitcoins.

This figure began to fall in March from its position of 62%. At the time of writing, it was about 52 per cent.



Most of the market was taken from BTC by ETH. Its figure today is just under a third of the market cap of Bitcoin and about 14.25% of the entire crypto market.

This effect is due to a massive correction of Bitcoin, when it fell to $47,250. The ETH correction was less tangible.

BNB, on the contrary, increased its share to 4% of the market, whose total capitalisation exceeded $2 trillion several times in April. Do not lag behind Binance Coin and large stable coins. UsDC, BUSD, USDT and DAI accounted for about 3.8% of crypto assets.

However, Bitcoin has gone up again. The resistance level is currently $55,000. If the bulls break higher, it is possible to restore the value of the BTC and its dominance.

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