Proof-of-Work memudaratkan alam sekitar

When we talk about an ecosystem of a blockchain that relies on the Proof-of-Work consensus, a lot of problems come up. The main one is the impact of consensus on the environment. However, it is not too late to improve the situation at the expense of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism.

People disagree on blockchain and its global benefits to humanity. In particular, advocates of moderate energy consumption are concerned about how much of it is spent on the extraction of digital currencies working on Proof-of-Work. Instantly the public attention falls not only on Bitcoin, but also Ethereum, Litecoin, as well as other most used blockchains based on PoW.

Proof-of-Work alternative

Proof-of-Stake would be a good alternative to Proof-of-Work. It omen such a "malicious" component for the environment as mining, and PoS itself is friendly to all newbies of the system.

It is clear that choice of consensus and their differences will always cause controversy within the community. Still, even the Ethereum team pays more attention to PoS solutions. In the near future Vitalik Buterin intends to completely withdraw from Proof-of-Work. But miners are unlikely to be happy with such changes.

Nature and NFT

One of the "eco-segments" of the cryptocurrency industry suddenly became NFT. As it turned out, crypto art can also reduce the negative impact on the environment, as well as the PoS mechanism. However, like many digital currencies, NFT first has to transfer from PoW to PoS and then talk about its perspective.

One of the best ideas in the NFT industry was Tezos, which today is used by one of the popular sites selling digital art OpenSea. The team intends to support several blockchains at once to facilitate the process of trading and generating non-interchangeable tokens. Any NFT based on this blockchain with PoS and FA2 is compatible with OpenSea.

Tezos regularly monitors network updates, making changes every 3 months. They have already helped reduce gas charges by 75% and offer a lot of benefits for both the crypto community and digital artists.

Sooner or later, all the blockchains with PoW will overtake the problem of high energy consumption. Therefore, it is better to think about it today than to try to restore the ecosystem of our planet in a few decades.

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